Images credits: Shoes: Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN / Unsplash, Red Nike: Photo by Kristian Egelund / Unsplash

Graphic Design, as the professional form, exists only about a hundred years. According to Lecture in Progress, there are approximately two million jobs in the UK creative sector and the industry contributed £101.5 billion to the UK economy in 2017. With each year more graduates are leaving University and the number of people working in Design increases. Why are graphic designers in such high demand?

1. People buy with their eyes

I think I mention this in one of the previous posts, but I'll keep saying it as much as I have to. We are naturally more driven to beauty. With that being said we lean towards well-designed packaging, with contrasting colors and legible typeface more than we would do to a product which just doesn't feel right and is off balance. Graphic designers not just design the beautiful product but more often than not they test it to make sure that the design will work. 

2. First Impression matters

You have only one chance to make the first impression so better get it right. The look of your brand will influence the feeling people will carry on while interacting with everything that the brand stands for. A graphic designer can help with the visual side of your business. Whether you need a responsive website or want to attract customers through a distinctive shop display - hire a graphic designer and you won't regret it.

Photo by Lauren Edvalson on Unsplash

3. Younger generation relies heavily on the internet

In this modern world, we know that having a great product or service is not enough. How you talk about your business and advertise your service is what it counts. I'm sure I'm not the only one who before buying a  product need to check the reviews, make sure the company is legit and that is it has a website, a social media account or at least a few google search results. The exception to that rule is if 100% of your customers are coming to you from the word of mouth and you're happy with that. Invest some time in building your online presence. Work with a web designer on how your website can communicate better what it is you do, get in touch with an SEO specialist to make sure that people can find you online, and hire a graphic designer or a strategist to help you with social media accounts.

4. Design and strategy could help you position where do you want to be

Branding doesn't refer to visuals only. It has to come from within the brand, from your brand strategy. With that process, a strategist or/and an experienced brand designer can help. Designers are thinkers too. Establishing core values, a vision for the brand, the target audience should be dealt with as soon as possible - those will be the foundations to build a successful business. 

5. Start charging more for your product and services

On a shop shelf where Coca-Cola original for £2.50 is next to Cola Drink which cost £0.99 what do you buy and why? 

Photo by Taras Chernus

Some people want to be like the Cola Drink - cheap and for everyone, but will always be the second option. I'd encourage you to be like Coca-Cola: be original, be you, build your empire and don't forget to have great taste too! After all, would Coca-Cola be so successful if it wouldn't have the design and branding?