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It doesn't matter if you are a graphic designer or not - we all have ideas. People tend to think that creative people: designers, architects, artists and so on have more and better ideas. I'm not going to question that instead, I'll focus on what can go wrong and why even the best ideas might never happen. Ideas are extremely important in design. They are machines that start the project, keep the designer excited and clients happy. So what can kill a good design idea?

1. Being afraid of making the first step

This is not the most popular, but it does happen. Are you this type of designer, or have you worked with the type who gets so excited about an idea, super pumped about it to that level that it paralyzed the project?

PRO TIP: Don't sit on the idea for too long! Act on it and see what happens. The longer you wait, the higher the chances are you won't be able to work on this idea.

2. Overthinking

You've got a perfect idea. It's all good! Wait.. is it? Is this really good? Is this good enough? Will it work? What am I even doing? Does it sound familiar? Graphic Designer's job is not just to design but to think in the first place. The problem is starts when designers overthink everything.

PRO TIP: Question your taste and your work but learn when to stop and please work on overthinking less once everything's been agreed. Don't fall into the trap of overthinking, because it's hard to get out of it.

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3. Aiming for perfection

The idealistic view in the head before the start of a new project doesn't match up to what it ends up being? You're not alone fellow friend! Most graphic designers are perfectionists. We look for the little spots to improve upon and are always the first one to spot a misspelling or elements falling off the grid on a flyer.

PRO TIP: Keep working on your performance, but be realistic though: set goals you can reach and deadlines you will deliver on. Don't forget to have some fun. We, graphic designers spend so much time working on making sure everything is perfect, when in fact often the time spend on finishing up the design piece makes little to none difference.

4. Not believing in it enough

I once heard a man* said: If you don't believe in your project no one else will. You can be the most talented graphic designer in the whole world but if you can't make others interested in your ideas you're not going to succeed in the design industry.

PRO TIP: Work on projects you believe in and let your passion guide you when you will be talking about the work.

*That man was Oskar Podolski, known as OESU,

5. Getting too attached to the idea

The particularly important case when working with clients or in design teams. In the ideal environment, people would always love your ideas and you will be free work on them. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Clients are demanding changes to the artwork, the budget doesn't stretch and the clock is ticking or worse: your whole idea ends up in the bin.

PRO TIP: Don't get too attached to the idea - it's hard to let it go then. Where possible try to adapt it or safe in a folder when the right opportunity presents itself.

How do you handle the design process it's crucial to your growth as a designer and the success of the project you're working on. Recognizing what kills your design is the first step towards a change. Once you know what you can improve put the work to approach the next project differently. As with everything; it takes time and practice.