Images credits: McDonald: photo by Alexey Mak / Unsplash, Starbucks: photo by Zhang Peng / getty images

What is a logo? Do I need one? Spoiler: The truth is – there is no universal answer which will suit everyone. Everything depends on what kind of business do you do, where do you want to take it, and how does your business operates; do people come to you or do you have to look for clients?

Let's work this out on a scenario

Scenario A

A friend of yours likes baking in her free time and managed to get a couple of cake orders from friends and family. She has a regular job and baking is just a hobby, she doesn’t intend to take it on professional business. She’s very early in the baking business but she heard the opinion that she should have a logo and a business card. 

Obiously she can hire a designer who will work on a unique mark for her business. Everyone can have a logo, but the question is - how having a logo is going to help her in the business? Is it going to attract more customers? What will it change?

She bakes mostly for family and friends and she doesn’t want to grow her business. Therefore it doesn’t matter if she will have a logo or not. Her customers already know her and are coming to her because she is who she is – their relative or a friend. Having a logo for her business will only cost her X amount of money.

Scenario B

At one point she will decide that the cake business is bringing her a lot of money. When phone is ringing all the time with people requesting new orders she might change her mind and take it more seriously. She will more likely then invest some money in design and marketing to help her attract more clients and look professional. Contacting a logo designer and working on a visual identity for the brand will be beneficial for the business.

Maybe the question I should be asking is not “Is logo design important?” but When is logo design important? In this post I’ll answer why logo design is important.

1. A logo is the face of your business

In his book “Logo Design Love” David Airey said that “a logoless company is a faceless man”. I couldn’t form it in a better way. Having a logo definitely helps your customers to identify and visualise your brand. It’s the first thing people will think about when they will try to visualize your business in their mind.

2. Differentiate your product or services

Having a unique mark that identifies who you are and what do you do can help you position your business in a light you want it to be. It can set you away from your competitors.

3. Recognition

A logo that is used consistently on all the products, website, social media and other physical objects builds recognition and unites presence both offline and online.

My personal logo - monogram of my initials a and w.

Summing up: a logo on its own will not help you close more sales, that’s not its function. Why is it so that coffee from Starbucks costs £3.49 and a coffee from a small stand on the market cost £1.50? The difference lies in branding and though a logo is not a brand, it is one of the key visual elements towards branding.